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How are B12 injections given | Hydroxycobalamin

Vitamin B12 injections are given into the muscle - usually into the gluteal muscle but sometimes into deltoid at the shoulder.

Most patients need an intensive loading dose program with the injections being given every week for a month, then monthly for three months, then once every two or three months. The exact schedule varies between different doctors and hospital departments.

Mostly the B12 injections are painless.

Hydroxycobalamin / B12 comes in glass vials and looks red in colour.

You can find out more in the videos below :

This one talks about the features of vitamin B12 deficiency syndrome.

And this one - maybe more controversial - explores whether you can use B12 to help you lose weight?
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Where to give injections on the thigh

Looking for information about where to give an injection on the thigh - or elsewhere on the body?

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Rooster Comb Injections - Do They Work

Rooster comb injections are a description often used to describe a treatment with hyaluronic acid.
This is the stuff that makes up most of the synovial fluid in our joints and it's now available in several manufactured preparations.

The name "rooster comb" comes from the fact that in the early days of treatment the only way that hyaluronic acid could be obtained was by extracting it from the combs of poultry. Now almost all the available drug formulations are created synthetically using biotech methods.

Common brand names are "Synvisc", Durolane, Orthovisc, Euflexa, Synvisc One and Hyalgan.

Your doctor will be happy to explain the differences between these and show you the way that they work in the treatment of arthritis.

Shoulder Joint Injections

Shoulder joint injections can be used for a number of conditions.
If performed carefully they are not normally painful. Most doctors will use a mixture of steroid and local anesthetic but sometimes other injection treatments can be given using platelet rich plasma, hyaluronic acid or even simple saline or salty water.

Common reasons for shoulder joint injections include:

  • frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis
  • osteoarthritis of the shoulder
  • rheumatoid arthritis of the shoulder
  • as a diagnostic aid when performing an arthrogram or a CT or MRI scan

Sometimes injections are given into the soft tissues around the shoulder - the bursa space or around the tendons of the rotator cuff. The technique for this is slightly different to the one used for a joint injection.

What Is Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vital part of our diet and metabolism.

We need it to maintain healthy blood cells and to nourish our brain and nerve system.

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Injections For Weight Loss - Vitamin B12 Shots

Can it be true?
Do vitamin B12 injections for weight loss really work properly?

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